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Global Leadership Academy:

Aktiviteter og udgivelser

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Global Leadership Academy: Aktiviteter og udgivelser

Global Leadership Academy: Aktiviteter og udgivelser

Værktøjerne i denne bog er del af en bred vifte af aktiviteter og arrangementer, som er blevet gennemført af Global Leadership Academy. En samlet oversigt over afholdte seminarer og konferencer ses nedenfor sammen med en liste over forskningsprojekter og udvalgte nyhedsartikler, der er blevet udarbejdet.

Samskabelse af ny viden kræver aktiv deltagelse og engagement. Vi vil gerne takke de mange praktikere og forskere, der har bidraget med deres viden, erfaring og entusiasme i projektet. En særlig tak skal i den forbindelse rettes til akademiets medlemsvirksomheder:

  • Dong Energy A/S
  • Solar A/S
  • Velux A/S
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs/ Udenrigsministeriet
  • H. Lundbeck A/S
  • Deif A/S
  • Terma A/S
  • Coloplast A/S
  • Radiometer Medical A/S

Ligeledes vil vi gerne fremhæve de forskere, der har udarbejdet ny forskning (se også omtale neden­for) for Global Leadership Academy:

  • Lektor, Anders Klitmøller, Syddansk Universitet
  • Professor Jakob Lauring, Aarhus Universitet
  • Lektor Irene Skovgaard-Smith, Anglia Ruskin University, England
  • Post.doc Marianne Storgaard, Syddansk Universitet
  • Adjunkt Rikke Kristine Nielsen, Aalborg Universitet København
  • Jens Boye Nielsen, forskningsassistent, Global Leadership Academy
  • Jan Normann, forskningsassistent, Århus Universitet


DI & CBS Global Leadership Seminar: Revisiting Global Leadership

A high quality in global leadership is key to seizing global business opportunities. But what does global in a leadership context actually ­really mean?


Global Leadership Conference 2015: Don’t let complexity get in the way

Dealing professionally with the complexity of doing global business is paramount to the ­competitiveness of Danish companies.

Seminar: Global Mindset

A global mindset helps companies view the world as one arena with multiple perspectives; and helps them take actions that work both ­locally and globally.


Seminar: Global Mindset

Successful global leadership and collaboration is a matter of global mindset.

Master Class: Cultural Agility in a Global Context

Successful global professionals are culturally agile.

Industrial Ph.D. defence

Defence of Ph.D. thesis written within the frame­work of Global Leadership Academy.

Training: Virtual Leadership and Collaboration

Working virtually is nothing new. People have been working together virtually for many years and leaders have managed the virtual work quite well.

Seminar: Global Business ­Development

Building and growing a business on a global scale.

Study Tour: Innovation ”over there”

Visit to the US to learn about leadership and innovation.

Seminar: Globalization & Group Mindset

International strategy execution!


Seminar: Global Operations & ­Innovation

Challenges for strategy and management!

Workshop: Leadership across ­Borders

An increasing number of leaders lead across borders, cultures, and time zones. And the number will rise in the future.

Seminar: Corporate Governance – For better or worse

The global scene is becoming extremely difficult to govern especially for companies with a string of subsidiaries and affiliates abroad.

Training: Leadership across ­Borders

Providing you with the knowledge and skills required to lead the employees who are separated from you in time and/or distance

Seminar: Managing Human Capital

Lessons learned from emerging markets.

Seminar: Global security in a moving world

The geopolitical agenda is becoming increasingly more important for companies active on the global scene.


Workshop: Global Collaboration

Global Collaboration - how to collaborate in ­globalizing companies across business func­tions, national borders, geographical distances, time zones etc.

Workshop: The innovative global organization

The innovative global organization – how to lead innovation processes in a global perspective.


Workshop: Leadership in a diverse, global world

Leadership in a diverse, global world - the role of leaders in managing inclusion and productivity in a diverse, global world.

Study tour: Academy of ­Management 2011

Explorer Tour to Academy of Management, August 2011.

Workshop: Global Leadership ­Competences

Global Leadership Competences - Alignment between business and execution.


Workshop: Global Talent ­Management Workshop: Global Talent Management

- A Master Class.

Publikationer og rapporter

Alle publikationer og rapporter i akademiet er udkommet på engelsk. Nedenstående er derfor på engelsk.


Practicing leadership in multinational corporations competing in global markets is often portrayed as calling for a particular type of leader­ship competences and behaviours, typically called ”Global leadership” framed in opposition to and distinct from local, general management. There is, however, little agreement on what global leadership actually is as well as (inconclusive or at least) highly diverse evidence concerning who the global leaders are and little knowledge of what global leaders do in practice (that is their behaviours). Against this backdrop, this study explores what global leaders see as the key activities and behaviours they need to perform when holding a global job role, and how to acquire and sustain the necessary competences. This study was carried out by assistant professor Rikke Kristine Nielsen, Aalborg University Copenhagen with the assistance of Jens Boye Nielsen.

Nielsen, R.K. with Nielsen, J. B. (2016). Global Leadership Practice and Development ­Revisited - Exploring 3 Roles - Discovering 7 Dualities. Global Leadership Academy – Danish Confederation of Industry and Copenhagen Business School.


Danish-style leadership - exercised in a global context - can be characterized as democratic and equality oriented as well as informal, open, and trusting; i.e. very similar to its manifestation domestically. In general, Danes have strong international leadership skills when compared to other nationalities. Yet, while ­Danish leadership can be extremely effective in some situations it can be outright destructive in others. Researchers from Aarhus University have identified both upsides and downsides of Danish-style leadership when practiced in an international work setting.

Lauring, J. & Klitmøller, A. (2015). Danish Leader­ship Style in a Global Context. Copenhagen: Global Leadership Academy – Danish Confederation of Industry and Copenhagen ­Business School.


A global mindset is ”one that combines an openness to and awareness of diversity across cultures and markets with a propensity and ability to synthesize across this diversity”. This definition is the outset for a more thorough investigating into global mindset, how it is established and developed. The central question in this report is: How can a global mindset be cultivated at an organizational level? Based on a series of interviews with expats and international professionals at middle and senior management level in headquarter functions, the aim is to explore the learning points in the process of cultivating a collective, organizational global mindset. The research was carried out by post.doc Marianne Storgaard, University of Southern Denmark and senior lecturer Irene Skovgaard-Smith, senior lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University, England.

Storgaard, M. & Smith, I. S. (2012). Designing Organizations with a Global Mindset. Copenhagen: Global Leadership Academy – Danish Confederation of Industry and Copenhagen ­Business School.


This industrial PhD project was carried out in a collaboration between one the Global Leadership Academy member corporations, Solar A/S, and academy co-founder Copenhagen Business School by Rikke Kristine Nielsen, now assistant professor at Aalborg University Copenhagen. Based on a conceptual analysis of global mindset, this dissertation argues that the development of global mindset as a managerial meta-competence and organizational capability is an avenue for multinational corporations to improve their opportunities and performance internationally. An empirical analysis of strategic global mindset as a meta-competence and organizational capability supplements the conceptual analysis of global mindset, as laid out in the ”strategic global mindset capability model”, by adding empirically founded suggestions for organizational/structural and individual enablers of strategic global mindset seen from a middle manager perspective in a single case study deliberately seeking to establish global mindset as a collaborative competence.

Nielsen, R.K. (2014): Global Mindset as Managerial Meta-competence and Organizational Capa­bility: Boundary-crossing Leadership Cooperation in the MNC. The Case of ”Group Mindset” in Solar A/S. Doctoral School of Organization and Management Studies, PhD Series; 24, 2014.

The complete dissertation (250 pages) can be downloaded from: here; a short 2-minute video-version of the dissertation: here.


The ability to manage issues related to trust and conflict is fundamental for the success of Danish professionals working in international job roles. However, trust is not ”just trust” and conflict is not ”just conflict.” Several different types of trust and conflict exist, all of which have a different impact on global collaboration and, accordingly, need to be managed differently. The aim of this report is to raise Danish leaders’ general awareness of issues related to trust and conflict in global work and provide tangible managerial advice in order to increase the effectiveness in global work. Researchers from Aarhus University and the University of Southern Denmark have carried out the study; and the results are based on both quantitative and qualitative data.

Lauring, J. & Klitmøller, A.(2014). Global Leader­ship Competencies for the Future. Trust and Tension in Global Work. Global Leadership ­Academy – Danish Confederation of Industry and Copenhagen Business School.


Research conducted by Aarhus University has identified two main leadership styles that characterize successful global leaders – they call it an alignment-oriented and a diversity-oriented style. Both styles have their advantages and disadvantages, but there is potential for achieving even better organizational results by strategically shifting between the two; and ”it is this leadership agility that can make all the difference” conclude the researchers from Aarhus Business School.

Lauring, J.; Klitmøller, A. & Normann, J. (2014). Global Leadership Competencies for the Future. Global Leadership Behaviour. Global Leadership Academy – Danish Confederation of Industry and Copenhagen Business School.


The amount of virtual collaboration in international firms is growing by the minute, yet very little research on global virtual work has been conducted – in particular in a Danish organizational context. The purpose of this study was to understand how temporal dispersion, cultural/linguistic differences, technological challenges, and virtual leadership all impact global virtual collaboration.

The results build upon 110 qualitative inter­views and observations in three ­international organizations, as well as quantitative data from three separate surveys in different ­Danish ­owned international organizations. The research was conducted by Professor Jakob ­Lauring, Aarhus University, and Assistant Professor Anders Klitmøller, University of Southern Denmark.

Lauring, J. & Klitmøller, A.(2014). Global Leader­ship Competencies for the Future. Virtual Collaboration. Global Leadership Academy – Danish Confederation of Industry and Copenhagen Business School.

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”I Global Leadership Academy er erfaringer med global ledelse fra praksis omsat til forskning, og forskning om global ledelse omsat til praksis. Det er der kommet en helt unik og anvendelig hybrid ud af – en forskningsbaseret praktikerhåndbog – hvor seks års udviklingsarbejde om global ledelse er kogt ind til 12 praktiske værktøjer til den globale leder. Bogen mestrer at trække kompleksiteten i global ledelse ned på jorden og give konkrete, brugbare løsninger. Ved at stille de rigtige spørgsmål giver den også de rigtige svar. Bogen er det søkort og kompas, hvormed den globale leder kan sejle ud på de ledelsesmæssige verdenshave. På forbilledlig vis mestrer bogen at gøre det komplekse enkelt, at gøre det globale nærværende, og at gøre det mulige operationelt”.

Henrik Holt Larsen
Professor Emeritus, dr.merc. i Human Resource Management
Institut for Organisation
Copenhagen Business School